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    Day 1: Fundamental Principals

  • Our Mission is to create a highly successful mindset for our clients that sets the standard of what they seek for themselves using both manifestation techniques and goal setting.

  • Here we add clarity to our unique R6 Method and Core Alignment Strategy to set you on your way to alignment with your true path and the level of success that you want to bring in.

  • By having a Fundamental Strategy we have a plan for our clients that is well thought out, tested and has proven results.

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    Day 2: Reset, Restart, Re-imagine

  • It's important to highlight the current affairs that is happening in the world. We openly state the effect that 2020 still has on the world and that it's up to us how we let it effect us. How can you make use of this time to reset your life and build a better future that better serves you as an individual?

  • How would you like to restart your life and get a fresh start where anything is possible? By allowing a restart to occur it means you are ready to let go of what doesn't serve you and step into a future that is meant for you. 

  • Re-imagine a future you want that best serves you, this day closes by allowing you to dream and be open to future possibilities that you may not have considered previously. 

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    Day 3: Overcoming Fear

  • Fears if you allow them can really hold you back from reaching your full potential, it's important to acknowledge them instead of letting them fester behind the scenes. The key areas we cover here are change, procrastination, judgement, rejection, failure and self doubt.

  • On this day we re-frame those common fears and look at them from another perspective as we enter into the rest of the 18 days of content.

  • By giving you insight and understanding around common fears we are building an understanding of the fears you may be feeling, what causes them to rise up and ways to overcome those fears.

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The Abundant Mindset is a 21 day rolling course that is broken down into 7 modules, and works a little differently to most courses out there. We will provide you with high quality information that is offered to you daily and is easily digestible for each of the 21 days. By providing you with targeted content gradually it will offer you more success in changing your mindset in a habitual way. This method will aid you the student as we will not overload you with information which can be overwhelming, instead our focus is in simplifying the process, spreading it over a specified number of days and bringing you change that works. Unlike other courses out there we encourage you not to try to retain any of the information we provide you, instead simply read it, understand it and move on with your day.


Along with lightly consuming course content, you will be doing short exercises that will test your perception and how you think. These exercises are designed to facilitate change that is specific to you. After each module the Manifestation Coaches will hold a live group zoom call to aid in the understanding of the content, answer any questions which may arise and set you towards your goals. In total there will be 7 live sessions with us.

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  • There will be 7 Modules spread over 21 days which can be worked through as you want.

  • Targeted Content that is easily digestible offers habitual mindset transformation.

  • We encourage you to not try to retain any of the information, just consume and move on, understanding and habit forming is key.

  • Q&A will be provided after each module to aid in your personal development, there is 7 in total.

  • Short daily written exercises will test your perception and how you think to facilitate change specific to you. 

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The Abundant Mindset is for those of you that may struggle with focus, direction or in manifesting effectively. If you are looking for a simple, achievable and effective change of mindset that will offer you an increased level of success this course is for you.


We are seeking people that are driven towards lasting change and willing to put in the effort to challenge fears, doubts, self-limiting beliefs and to follow the program for 21 consecutive days. Success does not have to be a difficult process, it can be easy however it does require a certain level of dedication to instill a new way of thinking into your daily routine to be effective as you would like.


If you do not feel that you could last the 21 days maybe you are not ready yet, when you are ready consider it the first option to get you to the next level. The course itself is open to anyone above 18 years old that wants to transform their dreams for success into a tangible reality.

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  • You're stuck in a job that's draining, time consuming and out of alignment with your higher purpose.

  • You feel a lack of freedom and self expression.

  • You feel held back by self doubt, money blocks or self limiting beliefs.

  • You want more time, energy and abundance in your life to do the things you love with the people you care about.

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  • Having the abundance and freedom to do what you want when you want.

  • Making a big impact in your life and the lives of others.

  • Learning more about yourself and how to action your life purpose.

  • Learning how to bring in lasting change and more success into your life.

  • Having more time for YOU and the things YOU want to do. 

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When the Abundant Mindset is complete you will have a blueprint for your life path like no other that is made for the person you truly are. You will be able to approach challenges in a different way that may have held you back previously. You will be clear on where you are going and the main steps it will take to get you there. You will understand how to manifest effectively and you will have the confidence to achieve your goals. Bare in mind that in order to make all of the above become a reality what we require from you is dedication to stick with the program and an openness to allow yourself to think differently.

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  • Manifest abundance into your life the way you've always wanted it.

  • Freedom to create your own schedule, be your own boss and express your TRUE self in all areas of your life.

  • Satisfaction in knowing that you are taking practical steps to in making a real difference to your life.

  • Blueprint for your life's TRUE path and purpose.

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Don't Take Our Word For It!

See what our clients have said about our course...

"I am forever grateful..."

"Before planning to scale the 6,000m Mt. Deo Tibba in India I enlisted the help of The Manifestation Coaches. Using the abundant mindset I was coached to prepare both physically and mentally for this climb. Instilled in me was the mindset that helped me to believe and trust in myself fully while setting goals to attain physical fitness needed. I am forever grateful for their approach and patience in empowering me to achieve a dream in reaching the peak of a challenging mountain successfully."

Sigal Kagan, Israel.

"They have played a huge role..."

"The Manifestation Coaches are an incredibly empathetic, supportive and motivating coaching team, who immediately make you feel at ease and listen with genuine interest and concern. Their knowledge, commitment and passion for their work is evident from the very beginning and I'm very lucky to have come across them. They have played a huge role in helping to get me back on track with various things in my life and I would absolutely recommend them without hesitation to anyone who needs help along their journey, whatever their goals may be.

Ayesha Afitar, Pakistan.

"They were always supportive..."

"This was my first time to experience life coaching. I found myself at a point of having to start over with a new life in a new country so I was feeling overwhelmed and without a clear direction. Because of my visa restrictions I was not able to work at first so with the help of the abundant mindset  I was able to find other aspects of my life to focus and work on to bring about personal change. Thomas was able to ask the right questions and help me understand where I wanted to go. I always felt supported and our video calls have been a helpful judgement free zone that encouraged me to grow at a level that suited me."

Stefania Maniscalco, Australia.

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  • Full Access to The Abundant Mindset Transformation Course [Worth €15,000]

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  • 8 x Abundant Mindset Coaching Sessions with Thomas [Worth €2,000]

  • 8 x Abundant Mindset Coaching Sessions with Thomas [Worth €2,000]

  • 11 Steps To Transform Your Dreams Into a Reality [Worth €9.99]

  • 11 Ways to Raise your Vibration Exclusive eBook [Worth €9.99]

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