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Done For You Social Media Management

Do you struggle each day to look for new content to post or comment on to keep your followers or group members interested? Let an expert take care of that for you so that you can concentrate on the bigger picture in growing your business.

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Where could your business be 3 months from now if you were to spend 90% less time on social media while showing up with more value consistently?

What I can do for you

Brand Development

I will create a plan for you by fixing a target and then working backwards from that. With this strategy define the exact steps that you need to grow your account.

Social Content Planning

I can create a plan for you by fixing a target and then working backwards from that. With this strategy define the exact steps that you need to grow your social account.

Revamped Social Profiles

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram or Youtube I can completely revamp your client facing profile so that it shows authority and makes you stand out from the the crowd within your own niche.

Keyword Research

Whether it be Instagram Hashtags or Youtube keywords I can discover the best ones that will suit your niche so that will get you more exposure to your target audience while working within the constraints of the algorithm.

Social Platforms

Facebook Groups

One of the best ways to engage with your following is with Facebook groups. I can help you moderate your group, put out content that speaks to your niche on a regular basis & interact with them in the comments section to increase engagement.

Instagram Page

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there and is a great way to promote your brand and image while connecting to your niche. You can stand out with visuals that excite mixed with hashtags that offer you exposure.

Youtube Channels

Have a Youtube Channel or looking to set one up? I can help you manage it. Whether it's creating engaging captions/descriptions, managing the comments section, creating banners or covers, editing/scheduling videos or adding keywords to specific videos; I have you covered.

Pinterest Boards

Did you know that Pinterest is more popular amongst females than males? Though the ratio is getting more even it does give a great opportunity to those whose brand is more female focused. If you have well designed content Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic directly to your website using offers & blogs.

I will take care of your social media needs...

Hi, my name is Thomas. Along with being a social media manager I am also an experienced life coach, graphic designer & software engineer. My aim is to take care of all your social media needs. I will work with you in such a way that you will not have to worry about anything related to your social media accounts that are assigned to me. Just check the results every week or every month, and see your accounts grow. This will free up your time to concentrate on other more important aspects of your business.

Thomas Browne

Social Media Manager


Whether it be a personal Facebook profile, business page, group or even YouTube channel; a good banner is essential to promote your brand, get your message across and grab the interest and attention of potential clients without any confusion.

Are Social Media Posts Easy?

The truth is, posting to social media seems like it should be a quick task.

You have to come up with IDEAS incorporated with your BRAND, connect them to BUSINESS GOALS, and then write CAPTIONS that are captivating and compelling for EACH POST which is expected DAILY if not MULTIPLE TIMES PER DAY… it’s actually a HUGE time suck!

Not only that, it requires CONSISTENT CREATIVE and MENTAL ENERGY to create graphics and content that match your brand and don't forget about using the correct KEYWORDS/HASHTAGS which also must vary from post to post TO WORK WITH THE ALGORITHM.

It is energy that is absolutely better reserved for more important things in your business than staring at your screen trying to figure out what to post.


I can add a professional feel to your instagram profile by creating GRIDS that match your brand image.

I put great thought into the creative design & layout for each and every client I have. What you will get will be bespoke and original. You will get expert graphics and content to match your niche and most importantly who you are and what your business represents as a whole. 

Check out some examples of work done for previous clients below.

Good Content Generates Engagement

While good engagement generates opportunity!

Do you remember why you are using social media for your business? Is it just a hobby or is it necessary?

Do you have a Facebook group that you use as a type of funnel? If so, does it have many followers? A common problem that I see with Facebook groups is a lack of engagement even for groups that have thousands of members, in turn what started out as a great opportunity leads to zero sales with maximum time & effort (which can happen for a variety of different reasons).

Facebook Group Case Study

Engagement Driven Posts

Before I came on board, this group had consistent content & hundreds of members already but it also had practically zero engagement during a 4 year period since it was initially setup which proves just having quality content on its own simply is not enough.

Not only did I increase follower levels by 500%+ within the space of a month when the I took the appropriate steps, engagement and interest also spiked; which in turn increased lead generation & sales.

Below are some examples of posts where members have actively gotten involved and engaged. This proves that with the proper engagement even the most stagnant of groups can be reignited to work for you instead of just draining you of time and energy while getting nothing in return.

Trusted by Many Happy Customers

Working with me is your shortcut to growing your social media accounts rapidly.

Thomas helped me establish a solid plan for my content. I don't have to worry anymore about what to post up each and every day onto my profiles which takes me away from my actual business and was causing me quite a lot of stress. This guy is worth every penny and I highly recommend him.

Jack Trant


Creative, reliable and simply gets the job done. I brought Thomas on board to moderate my main business group while I focused on other projects. Not only did more people join as members but engagement increased by 300%. His posts are well thought out plus if I need something professional looking I don't need to outsource a graphic designer which is really great!

Bob Taylor


Thomas has helped me grow my Instagram business account to 3000 real, quality followers within one month. The engagement has increased by 50% and the I am seeing consistent leads translate to sales through my Instagram profile, something which I really struggled with before working with Thomas.

Ava Green


We approached Thomas to bring a fresh perspective to our brand development needs. Aside from having a very quirky sense of humor Thomas is a very talented designer with a keen eye for the fine details. His delivery is exceptional and he brings a lot to the table so much so that we would be delighted to have him as part of our own team if we could.

Diane Chambers


A really great experience, I have hired many different virtual assistants and media managers that need to be micro managed and don't make the cut when it comes to just leaving them to their own devices. Thomas takes the initiative and gets to work. He got the idea I had stored in my mind straight away and translated that into something exquisite. Even my own clients compliment me on the work that he has done. Amazing!

Warren Beasley


We needed some urgent work done for one of our well known VIP clients and Thomas kindly obliged on short notice. His level of engagement and professional is so good that we have developed a good working relationship and continue to work with him on occasion. I highly recommend that you work with Thomas as his commitment to each and every project does not disappoint.

Victoria Thomas


Why work with me

Working with me will give you more time to focus on your business offerings.

Customized Plan

Just like every business is different, with their specific needs, every facebook, instagram, youtube or pinterest account is different. I will build a customized plan for each account.

100% Managed

Once you hire me, you just have to wait for your account to grow, and forget about anything else. I will take care of everything right from content, to growth so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Experienced Marketer

My experience in different fields using various industry leading tools for both my own business and the businesses of my clients give me a unique insight into how I can optimize social media to work in your favor.

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Pricing plans

I have got you covered with various plans that suits your budget.