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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energetic therapeutic system that can help to activate the recipients own healing towards well-being. A system which incorporates, directs, and allows the flow of Universal Energy (Prana, Chi, Source, etc.)


How does one explain something which is not seen? When the mind feels most comfortable and at home with things that it understands?


Most of us know or have heard of Chakras - Energy Centers. Also known as Wheels of Light, these Energetic Centers at times find themselves in states of stagnation -not ‘spinning’ at their top form. A Reiki Session focuses on assisting these Energetic Centers to be come back into their highest/best function.


When confronted with questions from someone who is interested in what I do, I often explain to the them: Reiki is like a ‘massage’ for your energetic body, the one which we don’t ‘see’. When you stand next to someone and can ‘feel’ them without touching. This energetic body which is all around your physical body, also needs care, just as your physical, and mental bodies. 


Reiki Sessions can be hands on while the recipient lays before the practitioner, or can be sent psychically, through visualization and intent. 

Learn Reiki at all Levels

Many of us are ready to learn (remember) that we can make ourselves feel better, as well as provide what we’ve learned to others who haven’t, or aren’t yet ready to learn for themselves.


"Reiki has been very impactful on my path as an Empath. I only wish I had learned it earlier in life. But, as we all are learning, everything happens at the perfect time, when we are fully ready."

PrisCilla's goal here is to make Learning Reiki available to as many as possible - the ones who are ready and feel the call to learn.

Learn all levels of Reiki in this comprehensive and easy Reiki home study program

With the purchase of this package of all the Reiki Courses and levels, you will also be meeting with your Reiki Teacher, PrisCilla on an online Zoom call. During the live call, you will show what you have learned and integrated through out your self-study course.

After completion and notifying your Teacher, you will receive all of your certificates in the mail.

Welcome to the world of Reiki!

PrisCilla looks forward to working with you energetically!

🌟Reiki 1

🌟Reiki 2

🌟Reiki 3 - Master - Teacher

✨Start giving Reiki to yourself, family, friends, and clients Now!

✨Start teaching others Reiki, so they can flourish too!

This Reiki & Business Intensive will take you through 8 weeks of not only becoming certified in all 3 levels of Reiki, but also mentoring you through steps of how to create and build your own flourishing business!


8 weeks support and guidance:

-Learn how to give sessions to yourself, family, friends, clients

-Learn how to give and send distance sessions

-Learn how to attune and teach students weekly group live calls

-Private community of fellow students

-Weekly group energy balance session

Yes, I Am Ready To Learn Reiki

If You Would Like To Experience A Reiki Session

Please Contact Our In House Reiki Master

PrisCilla Wauch-Velez

Reiki Master & Energy Coach

PrisCilla helps her clients to tap into their innate abilities of intuition and natural talents in order to step forward into living the lives that they passionately choose to live.

Schedule a Reiki Session with PrisCilla

Reiki Energy Sessions Have Many Benefits:

-The body and mind often experience a deep state of relaxation, often leading to better sleep

-The general sense of well-being is uplifted

-Uplifted well-being equals boosted mood

-Through the body and mind to finding deeper rest, the body then can begin to experience faster recovery

-Balancing of emotionsBalanced energy centers - Chakras

-A sense of grounding in the physical body

-A growing sense of inner strength and peace

-Awakening and rebalancing of sexual energy

-Awakening and rebalancing of heart energy

Plus so much more!


Everyone is different and has their own experiences they are going through, therefore nothing can be placed under a general umbrella for everyone.

The greatest benefit of receiving a Reiki Energy Session is that it is a form of therapy which uses pure healing energy. Where and how that energy most needs to work, is what the receiver will receive.


And that's beautiful!

All Distance Sessions are as the name implies, remote sessions. All you have to do is sit back, meditate, take a nap, or settle down for the night - your Session is on its way.


 *Always drink plenty of water and allow enough rest.


Let's bring more Body, Mind, and Spirit Balance into our lives.

Click the Link Below to set schedule your Distance Session

Preparing For Your Session:

-Take a shower or bath before, pampering your body.

-Light one of your favorite scent free candles. I personally love Soya candles.

-Spray an Essential Oil room Mist

-Place some of your favorite crystals or stones around you

-Have a glass of water beside you - drink lots of water

-Set your intention to receive all of the Energetic support that will most benefit you. 

Tiredness, 'tugging' or 'pressure' may be felt in different areas of the body. Be prepared for anything, embrace all, be patient with your path. Patience and time should be allowed to help integrate the energetic process that is occurring. Rest when possible and drink lots of water to keep your body well hydrated. Very often, clients find that emotions come to the surface. 


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